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Custodians For a Self Directed IRA

Finding the Right IRA Custodian is key since the majority of custodians will not even offer you a self-directed IRA.

The TRUE Self-Directed IRA gives you control of your retirement funds – without the fees and lost opportunities of working with custodians who prohibit self directed investments. You should compare fee structures and inquire after their advisory, or consultation, about services and any associated fees.

With the TRUE Self-Directed IRA you will receive:

  • walltomainstreet No transactional, asset or holding fees – you pay no ongoing transactional fees regardless of how many investments you make
  • walltomainstreet Checkbook control – allowing immediate access to IRA funds so you can participate in tax lien and foreclosure sales
  • walltomainstreet True Diversification – maximizing your success potential by giving you access to stocks & bonds, as well as, real estate, tax liens, small businesses, franchises and even private mortgages
  • walltomainstreet Higher compliance measures – our multiple step compliance process helps keep you and the IRS happy
Know The Difference

Many people mistakenly believe that if they have an account with a self-directed IRA custodian they are receiving structure analysis for potential prohibited transaction, structure advise for maximum benefit, reliable source of information, tax advice, IRS resolution advice or representation, investment autonomy, and low fees.

This is not so … the reality is that self directed custodians:
  • walltomainstreet Cannot and will not provide advisory services to clients. They only act as a depository and reporting agency to the IRS.
  • walltomainstreet Are prohibited from providing information on investment structure or how to maximize return on investment.
  • walltomainstreet Cannot and will not provide advice – because of this they sometimes relay information onto investors that reflect their policies rather than IRS regulation. Unfortunately the statements are never preceded with “this is our policy” their statements always sounds like IRS code.
  • walltomainstreet Cannot offer any advice for tax issues such as UBTI
  • walltomainstreet If you are audited you are on your own or with your current tax advisor unfortunately that can be very expensive and there are very few professionals that understand this portion of the code.
  • walltomainstreet May not allow certain investments, there may be no IRS issue it is just policy.
  • walltomainstreet Charge you in several different ways including asset value fees, transaction fees and investment evaluation fees – each may bring the total cost to 2% or more of the account value.

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