Self Directed 401k

Investing in Commercial Properties

Commercial properties of all kinds can be held within an IRA if it is set-up correctly. This includes everything from small gas stations to larger strip complexes, mini-malls to mega-malls, and industrial parks to high-rise office towers and more. Most property that will be used exclusively for business can be considered a commercial property and its purchase can be treated as any other real estate transaction–as far as your self directed IRA is concerned.

The primary reason to open a self directed IRA for real estate transactions is for the freedom of action. You can act on a property when necessary and pay all required fees and costs directly from the IRA. With a Limited Liability Company, you maintain checkbook control of your account. That is the most crucial aspect of a self directed IRA because it speaks directly to the number of fees you will have to pay over the life of the account.

Your self directed IRA gives you checkbook control, allowing you to minimize extra fees like paying a fee for every transaction involving assets within your IRA.

Additional Commercial Property Investments

There are numerous possibilities for investing in commercial properties. You can invest in franchises, golf courses, car washes, hotels, raw land, storage facilities, resort properties, and more. With a self directed IRA LLC, these properties can be international or domestic.

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