Real Estate IRA LLC

AES Venture IRA™ LLC

The AES Venture IRA™ LLC is a special purpose limited liability company, which is either fully or partially owned by an individual retirement account (IRA).

Since the IRA owns the Venture IRA™, IRA funds can be legally transferred to the Venture IRA™ in exchange for member units (shares) of the Venture IRA™. After this funding, both traditional and non-traditional investments may be purchased by the Venture IRA™ instead of directly in the IRA. Then either you or someone else you choose as manager of the Venture IRA™ has direct control over those investments.

This plan allows the holder to make decisions and direct the investments of the IRA without restriction or tax penalties. Real estate, commercial or home properties are investment examples.

Ultimately all the Venture IRA™ value will flow back to your IRA as part of your normal IRA retirement nest egg. See the diagram below for an illustration of a typical Venture IRA™.

Powerful Benefits:
  • walltomainstreetVery few IRA custodians permit direct ownership of real estate or other non-traditional investments in an IRA; indirect investment via the Venture IRA™ is usually the only choice.
  • walltomainstreetWhen a Venture IRA™ sells real estate or other investments, the capital gains are deferred through the IRA, like any other IRA investment. The headaches of 1031 exchanges are never necessary.
  • walltomainstreetOwnership of property in a Venture IRA™ allows you, as manager, to have direct, hands-on control of investment decisions over Venture IRA™ assets, including checkbook control. Custodian involvement and hassles are eliminated, regardless of whether the investments are in securities, real estate or other assets.
  • walltomainstreetA Venture IRA™ can use its IRA funding as a down payment for a real estate purchase, with the Venture IRA™ financing or borrowing the balance. But an IRA cannot directly participate in such a financing arrangement.
  • walltomainstreetSince you control and handle all Venture IRA™ transactions, the custodian for the self-directed IRA can be paid an inexpensive, flat fee, typically no more than $200 per year.
  • walltomainstreetLitigation threats, which accompany investments such as real estate, are substantially reduced. This is done by isolating the investment inside the Venture IRA™, and away from the rest of your IRA funds and estate.

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