Self Directed 401k

Investing in Commercial Real Estate IRA Loans

Thousands of commercial loans are secured every day as people raise money for new business ventures, for re-investing in their businesses, and for purchasing existing businesses or a piece of one.

Commercial real estate is any piece of real property that is used exclusively for business purposes. This includes warehouses, hotels, resorts, golf courses, storage facilities, office towers, malls, industrial parks, parking lots, etc. (any place where goods or services are sold).

Whether you are an individual investor, or a commercial real estate developer, you can fund your next or pending commercial development project from a self-directed Real Estate IRA.

Investing in commercial properties can be an excellent way to build wealth by coupling a commercial real estate loan with your IRA or 401k funds to purchase your next commercial real estate purchase.

The benefits include:

  • walltomainstreetUsing retirement funds for all if not part of the down payment
  • walltomainstreetFinancing the property without conflict with IRS codes
  • walltomainstreetGetting a reasonable salary for managing the project
  • walltomainstreetHaving the net proceeds flow through to retirement accounts
  • walltomainstreetDeveloping flexible partnership allocations


There are no rules that disallow investing in real estate for commercial or residential use, and most types of commercial real estate are eligible. This includes office space, golf courses, hotel and resort properties, tree farms, fisheries, and more.

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