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The Truly Self Directed IRA Plan

Understand the difference in order to realize the full benefit of your self directed IRA plan.

Self-directed IRA

The IRA owner chooses a traditional asset (stock, bond, or mutual fund) in which to invest their IRA funds. The choice of asset is limited to their custodian’s group of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The IRA custodian or administrator offers investment products and holds and reports investments to the IRS, but cannot offer advice.

The Truly Self Directed IRA

IRA owners choose their own traditional or non-traditional assets, e.g. CDs, securities, annuities, real estate, oil and gas, tax liens.

The IRA owner decides the type of asset in which to invest and therefore is truly in control. We recommend you carefully study the providers in the self-directed IRA market before making a choice.

The providers include:

Attorney group offers legal advice on IRAs and ensures that the deal is set up correctly.

As a true self-directed IRA advisor, AES offers investment products, strategies, and advice on self-directed IRAs and IRA LLC’s.

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