Self Directed 401k

Enterprise™ Self Directed 401k Plan

The Enterprise™ is the preferred self directed 401k plan to setup and establish your company. As the Manager of the company you able to act as the Trustee for the Plan’s funds. This enables you to self-direct investments on behalf of your 401K, hence the term self-directed 401k. The investments can be in real estate, an existing company, or your own C-Corp. The use of this type of structure enables you to have investment and checkbook control over the 401k.

Benefits of the Enterprise™ 401k Plan
  • walltomainstreetTraditional 401k Plans do not permit direct ownership of real estate or other non-traditional investments in a 401k – so indirect investment via the Enterprise™ self-directed 401k is the only choice.
  • walltomainstreetWhen a Enterprise™ self-directed 401k sells real estate or other investments, the capital gains are deferred through the 401k like any other 401k investment. The headaches of 1031 exchanges are never necessary.
  • walltomainstreetOwnership of the property in the Enterprise™ allows you as manager, to have direct, hands-on control of and investment decisions over Enterprise ™ assets, including control of the checkbook. Custodian involvement and hassles are eliminated, regardless of whether the investments are in securities, real estate or other assets.
  • walltomainstreetAn Enterprise™ can use its 401k funding as a down payment for a real estate purchase, with the Enterprise financing or borrowing the balance. The use of debt financing for real estate is not subject to UDFI tax.
  • walltomainstreetSince you control and handle all Enterprise™ transactions, and act as the “custodian”, then there are no expensive annual fees.
  • walltomainstreetLitigation threats, which accompany investments such as Real Estate, are substantially reduced. This is done by isolating the investment inside a title holding company or Trust holding company, and away from the rest of your 401k funds and estate.
  • walltomainstreetContinues to provide deferral of income and gains inside the 401k.
  • walltomainstreetIf the company sponsoring the plan generates income, then you can make contributions of up to $44,000 annually to the 401k.
Investment Strategies
  • walltomainstreetPurchase real estate
  • walltomainstreetLoan to yourself or others
  • walltomainstreetBuying or starting a business
  • walltomainstreetUse purchase options on real estate
  • walltomainstreetFlip properties
  • walltomainstreetLicense intellectual properties
  • walltomainstreetPlease select from our three popular versions of the product or view each one to determine which fits your needs

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